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2023 ARBA

AHRA Important Information

Online Entry Deadline    9/11/2023
Change Deadline (variety, class and sex)    9/25/2023
Ear Number Change Deadline    4pm 10/7/2023


The showroom opens to exhibitors at 6pm 10/05/2023.
Rabbits must be cooped by 3pm 10/07/2023.


Open Show begins    10/08/2023 8am
Youth Show begins     10/08/2023 9am
(Himalayans are listed as starting breeds for both open and youth. This is subject to change.)


Open Judge-Linda Bell, California
Youth Judge- Stacy Easton Martin, Ohio

Best in Show Youth Rabbit (Open to follow) 10/09/2023 2pm
(Himalayans are in Group 4)

AHRA Meeting: 10/09/2023 11:00am to 12:30pm room W6.
AHRA Breakfast: 10/10/2023 time and location to be determined.
AHRA Scholarship Auction: 10/10/2023 11am
(Rabbits will be available before auction for evaluation)

Wednesday 10/11/2023
6am Showroom Opens
7am Animals are released.
12pm Showroom Closes

Entries @
Registration fee per exhibitor    $15.00
Entry fee per animal    $19.00
Add Fur Class    $9.50
(Himalayans are White Fur, Breed Fur is judged with the breed, Commercial Fur is a separate contest held during the Commercial Show)

Reminder Feed cups will not be provided

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