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At the National ARBA Convention in 1987, the establishment of a Himalayan Hall of Fame was passed by our membership. Its purpose is to recognize those Himalayans that have achieved Grand Champion status, as well as their breeder and owners. In addition, it is a fundraiser to increase the AHRA general operation fund to help defray out major expenses.

Himalayan Hall of Fame Recipients

Beach Buddies Monet

Black Doe

Breeder:  Emily Roberts

Owner:  Dogwood Rabbitry (formerly Beach Buddies)



     RIS High Desert Hop, Redmond, OR 9/16/17

Beach Buddies King Arthur

Black Buck

Breeder:  Emily Roberts

Owner:  Jennifer Roberts


Winnings:   7 Legs

     BIS winner at the West Coast Classic Himalayan Specialty 4/9/16 in Reno, NV

TCR's Hollister

Blue Buck

Bred & Owned by: Melinda Anderson

Winnings Include:  14 legs

2016 ARBA Convention - Open BOSB

Most of legs are BOB's

Round Hill's Willy Wonka

Chocolate Buck

Bred & Owned by: Debra Denisuk

Winnings Include:  10 legs

2017 AHRA National Show - BEST FUR

BISR - MAHRC A @ First State Show   3/4/17

BOB - Paw Prints B   3/18/17

BOSB - Furry Friends R&CYC  5/27/17

Multiple BOV's

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