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Sanction Rules

  1. No sanction will be issued without an appropriate A.R.B.A. Sanction number being provided.

  2. Any official A.R.B.A. sanctioned show may be designated as an official American Himalayan Rabbit Association Sweepstakes Show by application and payment of appropriate fee: $7 for Open, $7 for Youth, or $10 Combination. Same day, same club for combinations

  3. The A.H.R.A. requires a minimum of 30 day advance notice for all sanction requests. A 60 day advance notice will allow us to print your show date in our club newsletter to inform our entire membership of all upcoming shows.

  4. The following placements must be selected at each official A.H.R.A. Sweepstakes Show, and must be reported on the report form provided: B.O.B., B.O.S., B.O.V., B.O.S.V., Best Senior (All Colors) and Best Junior (All Colors)

  5. If ten (10) or more Himalayans are exhibited at the show, the sponsoring club must guarantee the following, or equivalent: B.O.B. $2.00; B.O.S $1.00.

  6. Sorry, The A.H.R.A. does not issue free sanctions, even if no Himalayans were exhibited at the previous show. Please do not ask.

  7. Sweepstakes points are kept in individual and family names, but no memberships or sweepstakes points are kept in Rabbitry Names. Therefore, it is essential that placements are reported in individual or family names and not Rabbitry Names.

  8. COMPUTER PRINT-OUTS are acceptable, as long as they contain all the information requested on the Sanction report form provided by the A.H.R.A. If using a computer program, please check for completeness of information. If it is not complete as requested, please fill in all information on the first page of our form.

  9. Show reports, whether computerized or on our form, must be returned within 30 days of the close of the show to our AHRA sweepstakes assistant, even if no Himalayans are shown.  Please email them to Linda Bell A.H.R.A. Sweepstakes Assistant,

  10. Any show designated as an A.H.R.A. Sweepstakes Show must advertise it as such, and print the following in its catalog:
    Linda Bell  Sec/Treas;  PO Box 290494, Phelan, CA 92329
    Dues: Adult $10, 1yr./$25 3yr.; Youth $8, 1yr./$20, 3yrs.; H&W or Family $12, 1yr./$30, 3yrs.

    Sanction Fees: Open $7.00, Youth $7.00, Combination Open & Youth $10.00

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