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AHRA Club History

(Condensed from articles about the AHRA History, written and compiled by Carl "Eli" Shepherd)

At the St. Louis Convention in 1931, a few Himalayan breeders, among whom were R.K. Wilson, Howard Wilson, J.H. Huxford, Harold Dore, and Mrs. Snyder, got together and petitioned the American Rabbit & Cavy Association for a charter. A charter was granted to the A.H.R.A. on October 21st, 1931.

In 1931 & 1932, the first people to hold office in the AHRA were J.E. MacDuffie as President, J.E. Tull as Vice President, and J.H. Huxford as Secretary/Treasurer.

*in October of 1931, the club that was chartered by the ARBA was known as the "American Himalayan Association." It was later changed to the present day "American Himalayan Rabbit Association"

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