Constitution/Bylaws 12/31/2013


2013 Convention Open BOB Open Convention Winners
BOB Black Jr. Buck owned by Pete & Kirsten Linke,  Josh Underburg,
2012 Convention Youth BOB2013 Convention Youth BOB, Chocolate Sr. Doe
owned by: Ross Eden


2013 Open BOSB Open BOSB Lilac Jr. Doe, Owned by Mary Henry
2012 Himalayan Breakfast2013 Convention Youth BOSB, Lilac Sr. Buck
Owned by: Sydney Hunter
By Carl "Eli" Shepherd
          "Welcome to the wonderful world of Himalayans. As you have already selected them as your breed, I hope that you will remain with Himalayans for many years to come.
          Himalayans are a unique breed. There is no other breed as gentle and easy to handle. Their gentle, loving nature puts them in a class unto itself. Their small size and weight allows for smaller cage space and lower feed bills than many other breeds of rabbit.
          Himalayans are one of the oldest breeds of rabbit known throughout the world, dating back to ancient times in countries like China, Tibet, and Russia. It is one of the few breeds that was not man-made by crossing different breeds of rabbit. Black Himalayans are the only true and pure Himalayans*. Blue, Chocolate, and Lilac Himalayans are man-made varieties..."
*By that, Carl only meant that the only naturally occurring Himalayan was the Black variety. Blue, Chocolate and Lilac varieties had to be out crossed to achieve their color.