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American Himalayan Rabbit Association Youth Royalty Contest Rules and Application

  1. The contest will be held in conjunction with the AHRA spring national show.

  2. Applications must be post marked 2 weeks prior to the spring national show. Late application with have penalty of 20 points off the total score.
    Send to Ann Wimann
    303 S Jones St
    Barneveld, WI 53507

  3. All contestants must be members of the AHRA on the date of application.

  4. The age Divisions are: King ages 15-18, Queen 15-18, Duke, 12-14, Duchess 12-14, Prince 9-11, Princess 9-11, Lord 5-8, and Lady 5-8.  Age of contestant will be determined by the age on the date of the national show. 

  5. Awards will be given to the top participant in each age division.

  6. The components of the contest will include the application, a written test, an oral interview/showmanship, and judging.

    1. The application must be composed by the contestant.  A portion of the application will be used in the Himi News to introduce the winner to the club members.  Parents may help younger members write the application but must use the applicants’ words.

    2. The written exam will be composed of questions taken from the ARBA Standard of Perfection, the AHRA guide book, the Himi News, and the AHRA website. Younger participants may have someone (not their parent or guardian) help with reading and writing down answers. No study material may be used during this portion of the contest.

    3. The Interview/showmanship will be scored on the individual’s ability to handle and evaluate their Himalayan.  In addition, the youth will be asked questions about their Himalayan project. This will be judged by 1-2 judges. No study material may be used during this portion of the contest.

    4. Judging will consist of the participant placing 2 to 4 classes of Himalayans.  Each class will consist of 4 animals and 7 minutes will be allowed for each class.  The classes will be placed by an ARBA judge and cut scores will be used. A Standard of Perfection may be used for this portion.  There may be one disqualification in the class and up to 2 things may be made sound. 

  7. Each section will be worth 100 points, for a total of 400 points. 

  8. Winners will be announced either at completion of the contest or at the national banquet.  This will be based on the preference of the hosting club.

  9. If possible, the winners will represent the AHRA at the ARBA convention. 

  10. If any winners cannot complete their reign, the runner up will be given the title. 

Find the Application attached!

Please send application to:

Ann Wimann

303 S. Jones St.

Barneveld, WI 53507

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